Collaborations with visionary directors such as Robert Zemeckis (“Welcome to Marwen” – Universal Pictures), Bobby Farrelly (“Champions” – Focus Features/Universal Pictures), Nick Peche (“Grudge” – Sony Pictures/ Lions Gate), Peter Ramsey (“Lost Ollie” – Netflix), Alex Graves (“Project Blue Book” – A+E/History), Eduardo Sanchez and Deepa Mehta (“Yellowjackets” – Showtime) have influenced and bolstered the storytelling prowess that C. Kim Miles, asc brings to the screen.

Putting story first above all other considerations has allowed Miles to dedicate himself to building a diverse portfolio of work, developing unique visual approaches to each individual project.

Peer recognition has come to Miles in the form of the 34th Annual ASC Award for Outstanding Cinematography in an Episode of Commercial Television for his work on “Project Blue Book”, a 2019 Leo Award for Cinematography in a Feature Film for “Welcome to Marwen”, along with multiple nominations for other projects.

Miles is an active member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Canadian Society of Cinematographers and Malaysian Society of Cinematographers, organizations dedicated to the development and evolution of cinematography on a global scale.