Suvikram Bedi, fondly known as Suvi. Is a cinematographer based in Vancouver. He studied film at Whistling Woods International and specialized in cinematography. He then started his career as a lighting assistant in Bollywood (Mumbai, India) and worked his way up the ranks. He has shot commercials, music videos and some of the biggest narrative fiction projects produced in India. Including the Emmy-nominated flagship show for Amazon Prime Video, Inside Edge (Season 1). His repertoire of work comprises of complex lighting setups, fight sequences, car chase sequences, special effects, underwater sequences etc.

In 2019 he moved to Canada. Since then, he has been working on commercials & narrative fiction projects that sign with the ICG 669. Resident Alien (Season 1), A Sugar & Spice Holiday, Mystery 101, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, A Watchful (Eye Season 1), Fresh Pet Dog Food, Dupixent Cream to name a few.

Apart from his knowledge and experience in lighting a set. Suvikram is a very skilled camera operator as well. This skill has given him an additional understanding of camera movement, shot design, lensing & its nuances from a storyteller’s perspective. He uses this knowledge to add an extra layer to his images while propelling the narrative.

A member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild (ICG Local 669) and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. He is a Canadian Citizen and now lives and works in Canada.